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We exclusively stock brands known for their use of solid fabrics and hardware and whose clothing has proven to be durable. We exclusively stock brands that innovate and create new styles and ideas. But cuteness is as thoughtlessly safe as it is thoughtlessly lovely: fragile, it vanishes instantly with the merest breath of fear, discomfort or unhappiness. Tsuji would eventually become a billionaire, thanks to the reach of Sanrio’s “three concepts of friendship, cuteness and thoughtfulness.” These qualities Hello Kitty has embodied for four decades; there are now more than 400 lesser Sanrio characters alongside her, including Bad Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, Tuxedo Sam, and my own favorite from back in the ’80s, the lazy little pig called Zashikibuta. Sanrio’s designs from this period were (and are) entirely delightful, from the gaiety and subtlety of their palettes to their unexpectedly clever and perfectionistic functionality, their slightly unhinged approach to English composition, and the sense of aimless play, of friendliness and pleasantness, in which these beautiful and funny little characters greeted the world. Beauty, real beauty, creates a sense of awe, a heart-contraction, that may coexist with terror or tragedy. Maybe that’s not so surprising, because you can sense at some deep, disquieting level that it would be possible for the world to be beautiful and simple, for there to be peace.

Now, I am not a fan of fashion; when we went there were lines wrapped around the building outside, and we became members of the Met so that we could wait in the VIP member line, and it still took us an hour to get in. We took a risk and as it is with risks, sometimes things don’t quite work out. The blurring of the lines between commercial and museum work in this exhibition gets eye-crossing. Jamie Rivadeneira, the “commercial” retailer/curator, appears to have a far better grasp of what Hello Kitty is about than does the scholar/curator Yano, though the sheer volume of product on display will give the student of popular culture, as well as the Sanrio lover, much to admire and consider throughout the exhibit. Rivadeneira commissioned dozens of original works from artists known and unknown for the exhibit. There is a huge wall display of dozens of Hello Kitty backpacks. Even so, they’re things you can buy in a shop, and it is super-odd to see things that you can buy (or once bought) in a shop on display in a museum-for example the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo, which is where last week I saw the Hello Kitty Weekly Memo pad I bought decades ago, in a lucite case.

Instead, consumers should save up some money by purchasing one item at a time or create a wishlist so that loved ones can buy fashionable new bags for them on special occasions. This bracelet full of spikes will let people know you mean business while also looking like something you would buy at a jewelry store. To the outside world, wearing Hello Kitty shows that you like cute things (like: yes, I am very cool, or very rich, or very sardonic, or very goth wallet, whatever but STILL I love cute things, so!). Kimura is elegant, dark-haired, not too tall, wearing a dark suit, a blinding white shirt and a gorgeous (and very obviously Japanese) patterned tie. Through my years of globetrotting, I’ve found it possible to maintain a dark aesthetic in pretty much all circumstances. Japan was much on the American mind in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The elegant outer-space soap opera Super Dimension Fortress Macross blew the mind of every red-blooded American dork.

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